About VIP Breast Imaging


Responding to our clients needs with excellent service. We will strive to offer the highest quality Automated Breast UltraSound service with the fastest possible booking and reporting time.

About VIP Breast Imaging
About VIP Breast Imaging


Our mission is to provide a life saving opportunity to all who seek out our service, and to do this by offering the latest state-of-the-art advanced ultrasound systems for safe and accurate breast scanning, operated by caring, professionally trained, and licensed staff, in a comfortable, relaxing environment. We are also approved by Health Canada

Core Values

We embrace today’s new technology, which will become tomorrow’s standard. Our team provides you with a prompt and accurate screening for breast cancer, using the advantages of today’s technologies.

Responding to our clients needs with excellent service. We will strive to offer the highest quality Automated Breast UltraSound service with the fastest possible booking and reporting time.

We believe in the communication of this important message. Of great importance; is the need to inform women about the risk they carry for cancer as they age, women with dense breasts, and younger women with a family history of breast cancer. We will strive to educate them about the benefits of screening tests and the early detection for breast cancer as a key to survival.

Our focus is on the disease itself. Breast cancer in men is rare, but it does happen. Men have much less breast tissue compared to women and are not routinely screened for breast cancer. At VIP Breast Imaging, we also do screening for all men.

We will remember why we are here. It is our strongest belief; that our service can save lives and make a difference for Canadian women and their families. That’s why we are here.

Resources For Women

VIP Breast Imaging® understands the key to women’s health and survival is early detection. VIP Breast Imaging® offers Automated Breast Ultrasound to Canadian women to detect Breast Cancer in the early stages when a cure is possible. Since there is no prevention, early detection is the key to saving the lives of Breast Cancer patients. Women who are regularly checked for Breast Cancer increase their chance of detecting tumors when they are small and in the early stages. ABUS incorporates the latest automated ultrasound technology, delivering uncompromised image quality increasing confidence in breast ultrasound.

“ABUS is cutting edge ultrasound technology”

ABUS is a new advanced 3D ultrasound specifically developed and designed for breast imaging. ABUS uses a standardized automatic scan which virtually eliminates human error – the large size probe captures images in precise anatomical detail of complex breast tissues and structures without relying solely on the skills of the operator. The standard quality of ABUS is exponentially better and more accurate than human operated ultrasound systems used elsewhere and very powerful for assessment of the entire breast.

Imagine safe, gentle and comfortable breast screening. VIP Breast Imaging® provides a comfortable, friendly, outpatient environment for the new Automated Breast Ultrasound. Clients are not exposed to radiation, compression or discomfort during the ABUS session. ABUS ultrasound technology is as gentle to that of a pregnancy ultrasound yet specifically designed for accurate breast screening. The machine is placed gently on your breast while the transducer captures many images of the entire breast. ABUS uses sound waves to create 3D images of the breast tissue by licensed technologists and is interpreted by expert radiologists specially trained to read automated ultrasound breast images.

Mammogram alone is not enough for women with dense breasts. ABUS is not meant as a replacement for mammogram. For some of us, mammography alone – the gold standard – is not enough. Women with dense breasts are at increased risk for Breast Cancer. It is widely accepted that up to 40% of North American women and up to 70% of Asian women have dense breasts. ABUS is an advanced technology approved in the United States and the European Union as a consistent, accurate 3D ultrasound breast screening tool in the early detection of Breast Cancer. The detection rate of smaller than 1cm size cancer lesions is increased 50% by ABUS to that of mammogram alone.

ABUS is not just for women with dense breasts. ABUS is safe and radiation-free for all women at every stage in their life. ABUS can be used safely for younger, pregnant, lactating, post-operative or women who are high risk and would otherwise be adverse to receiving a radiation dose from a mammogram. ABUS is the test of choice for the assessment of women with breast implants, post-operative, or scarred breast tissue. The ABUS system can be used as frequently as needed for follow up scans.

ABUS is approved as an early screening test in Canada and Europe. ABUS is now available in Canada at VIP Breast Imaging® centres, and ABUS increases the detection rate of small cancer lesions less than 1 cm, by 50% to that of a mammogram alone. ABUS automatic scanning eliminates human error and provides reproducible results, as well as providing safe breast screening without radiation, compression or discomfort to the client. ABUS is the test of choice for women with breast implants, post-operative, or scarred breast tissue, and can be safely used in younger women, during pregnancy or while lactating. ABUS images are 3 dimensional and easy to compare with other modalities like ABUS such as mammogram and MRI.

Breast Cancer is one of the world’s most prevalent cancers today − worldwide; more than 1.5 Million women each year are diagnosed with Breast Cancer. Half a million women each year, that’s 57 women each hour, and 1 woman each minute, who lose their lives to Breast Cancer. 1 in 8 women will develop Breast Cancer over the course of her lifetime. Breast cancer is the leading cause of death for women ages 35–55 in the developed countries. Breast Cancer found in the early stages increases the five-year survival rate to almost 90%, and Mammogram is accepted as a gold standard test for Breast Cancer screening – however in women with dense breasts, the breast density can obscure a cancer. Every 100,000 mammogram tests triggers one Breast Cancer case due to radiation exposure. 2 out of 3 of pre-menopausal women and one quarter of post meno pausal women have dense breast tissue, and women with dense breasts are 5 times more at risk for Breast Cancer. Several studies have shown that for women with dense breast tissue, supplementing mammograms with ultrasound can increase detection from 48% to 97%. Recently the death rate from Breast Cancer is decreasing due to screening programs.


Technology Designed for Screening.

GE Healthcare is the sole provider of FDA-approved technology designed for screening women with dense breast tissue. From its remarkable architecture to its advanced imaging algorithms, ABUS is engineered for automated screening. Besides increased detection, the ABUS is designed for reproducibility, ease of use and both patient and operator comfort.

Powerful Imaging Architecture.

ABUS’s imaging architecture shifts traditional ultrasound from hardware to software based processing, resulting in extraordinary performance for the fast-paced breast imaging environment. With its massive parallel processing power and proprietary beamforming technology, the system creates focus at every pixel, delivering an image of high uniformity and resolution.

Intelligent Imaging Algorithms.

Advanced algorithms automate the imaging process to help provide remarkable image quality and reproducibility from user to user, these include: Tissue Equalization, Nipple Shadow Compensation, Breast Border Detection and Chest Wall Detection. All of these are designed to eliminate the distractions and focus the radiologist’s attention on the most important data – the anatomy.

User-Friendly Touchscreen.

Operator workflow is smooth and easy with the ABUS high-resolution touchscreen display’s advanced Projective Capacitive Touch (PCT) technology. Its sleek, graphical user interface enhances the way you work. Tap and swipe colorful icons to quickly and easily maneuver through the Invenia ABUS exam.

Transducer Shaped for a Woman’s Anatomy. 

The transducer offers extraordinary image performance, enhanced breast coverage and patient comfort. It is an extraordinary new class of transducer design conforms to a woman’s anatomy.

Automated Compression.

The ABUS provides Compression Assist to the scan head assembly. This feature automatically applies up to 3 levels of compressions to the breast for patient comfort, operator ease and image acquisition quality.

High End Output.

3D volumes are displayed in a patented, 2 mm thick coronal view slice from the skin to the chest wall using proprietary pattern recognition software. The result is a reading environment which allows for rapid and intuitive analysis of intricate breast anatomy and pathology.

Efficient Reading and Analysis.

Images generated from the ABUS Scan Station are sent to the ABUS Workstation for interpretation, enabling fast, quick review and may be archived to PACS or external storage to optimize breast ultrasound workflow.